We are a Brazilian company, holder of an innovative and unique technology.
We develop, produce and commercialize differentiated and efficient solutions for animal health and nutrition.

We born from knowing the needs of an extremely selective and demanding market. It was the beginning of our products and our company excellence.
We are Biosyn Animal Health – the trademark that encompasses our technology, our products and our organization.

Our customers are our greatest asset. Our commitment is offering to these customers the security of a trust relationship based on results. Our strategical target is getting to be more and more a world class company.


The continuous technologic evolution. Developing differentiated products and services that promote the animal health and productivity, generating satisfaction and opportunities to customers, employees and partners.


Our inspiration, is what push and guide us. Being one of the best companies of animal health and nutrition, recognized by our products quality and results. Targeting the growth, credibility and responsibility.



Commitment with trust, reputation, justice and transparency.


Respect for customers, employees, providers and organizational principles. Investing in people, valuing productivity and efficiency.


Keeping the company as a reference in animal health and nutrition, technology and results.


Social, environmental and corporative exerted solid and continuously.


Human resources are our great differential. We look for creating conditions for people´s well-being, providing an attractive, healthy and creative workplace.

Our Human Resources principles are:
  • Creating conditions as the employee uses his/her potential and finds satisfaction in his/her function.
  • Offering appropriate work conditions, both in the material aspect and in the interpersonal and supervisory relationships.
  • Recognizing individual commitment and dedication, exceptional works and achievements.
  • Recognizing individual needs and aspirations, creating conditions for harmonizing such needs with the organizational targets.


Send your curriculum by e-mail; you may be selected to join the professional team of BioSyn Animal Health.

Your curriculum will be stored in our human resources department for six months.